Update! Temporarily relocated to Spain

Update! Temporarily relocated to Madrid, Spain.

As I’ve had the opportunity to live and study in various countries, I’ve realized how much I love the novelty of a new city and most importantly for me, the learning opportunities that come along the way.

I’m currently finishing my last year at my home university in California and was presented the opportunity to temporarily move back to Europe for my spring quarter. I was accepted into a dual program that immerses its participants with Spanish and Italian culture. I will be living in Madrid for five weeks and Rome for another five.

Since the program focuses on the demographics and culture of both countries, I’m excited to learn about Spanish and Italian lifestyles and observe how their histories have molded their present day.

Here are some of my goals for the next ten weeks:

  • Explore different cities within each country and get a general feel of the various regions in Spain and Italy (probably a bit limiting in five weeks but I’ll take what I can get.)
  • Actually learn about wine particularly Spanish and Italian wine
  • Revisit the AP Art History days from my high school classes; there’s so much to learn about how the arts have impacted the history of Spain and Italy, so hopefully these ten weeks will teach me a thing or two about the various art movements in both countries
  • Scope out the tech scene or lack of – in the back of my mind, I hate that work always looms behind everything I do but I really can’t help it. I’m truly curious about the tech scene in different parts of the world and how it compares to other tech hubs.
  • In tangent to the previous, I’m also curious to answer the following questions:
    • How technologically savvy is Madrid and Rome?
    • How does technology affect their marketing and communications?
    • Do their populations rely heavily on social media, just like how Americans basically live online? Or are they more closed off, just like how Germans reject Facebook?
    • Which big tech offices are present in Madrid and Rome? If few, why are there a lack of?
    • Which professions are most relevant for Spanish and Italian millennials? In America, from my experience, there is this sense of prestige working in big tech, big banks or consulting firms – people see it as sexy, fun and lucrative. Which industries give this same stigma in Spain and Italy? Do they even view it that way or is work just work?
  • Which forms of media are most relevant in both countries? In America, theres a huge decline in TV usage and a rise in digital/online media, specifically through mobile. What are the behaviors like in the two countries?

For now these are just a few of the looming questions I’m excited to uncover. As time pass I’ll create a follow up post on answers to some of the questions in mind. For now, that’s my current update. My instagram gives a clearer depiction of my time so far, check it out.

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