TEDxUCIrvine Brand U

Role: Director of Social Media (June 2015 – June 2016)

On November 22nd, TEDxUCIrvine hosted its first fall salon: Brand U. A salon is a unique opportunity to delve into focused topics and provide a more intimate environment for attendees. We believe that discovering one’s brand is a challenging and empowering process that sets us apart from other individuals. The event was created to allow the campus to make meaningful connections with like-minded TED enthusiasts and explore the topics of identity and branding.

While collaborating with the Director of Marketing and Director of Content and Media, my team and I created a five-week plan scheduling the details of marketing the event online and via social media. In this 5 week plan, we created content that was relevant to personal branding while also engaging with the campus community.

Some of our contents included:


  • Interviews with career-oriented campus organizationscampusorgsbost211219682_1108973902480397_1130675111888728246_n


  • A 3 day countdown to the Salon TEDXUCIrvinetedxucirvine tedxucirvine