TEDxUCIrvine At The Core

Role: Director of Social Media (June 2015 – June 2016)

On May 14th, TEDxUCIrvine hosted its annual event: At the Core. This was our largest event of the year, giving a platform to some of the most revolutionary thinkers of the Irvine campus and community. The event featured renowned speakers from Gregory Weiss, the first scientist to unboil an egg, to Ben Teller, a cancer survivor who founded Cuck Fancer.

While collaborating with the Director of Marketing and Director of Content and Media, my team and I created an 8 week plan which scheduled the event-marketing details, using social media and blog posts. In this 8 week plan, we created content that promoted the speakers and pre-sale tickets, additionally engaging the community through classroom announcements and boothing sales strategies. 

Result: Sold-out show in the first two weeks of ticket sales

Some of our strategies included: 

As this event concluded my term at TEDxUCIrvine, I’ve learned a big lesson on teamwork: being different is a strength. In this student-run organization, our diverse backgrounds were the assets to our achievements. Without the team’s ability to think differently, producing one of the biggest event on campus would have been almost impossible. Through our differences, we were able to pool in a variety of resources, talents and skills which led to a team culture of learning. With unique inputs provided by each member, we were able to thrive as a whole and overcome obstacles along the way. As I reflect back on the memories TEDx has given me, I am very thankful for the opportunity to not only work with some of the brightest minds on campus, but also for the life-long friends I have made through this organization.