Tau Class Initiates into Delta Sigma Pi!

After a quarter of professional and personal development, I am excited to be an official member of UC Irvine’s oldest professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. Throughout these past seven weeks, I was able to not only expand my professional and personal skills, but also create life-long friendships with my fellow pledge mates. I learned the value of teamwork, communication, and failure.

Teamwork is the oil that makes a team work. This quality was tested heavily throughout my first quarter as I began collaborating with a group of individuals whom I initially saw as strangers. As the weeks rolled by, several tasks were assigned that could only be achieved through collaboration of ideas and actions. I noticed that our success was proportionate to the amount of effort contributed. Carrying this mindset, the team’s mutual dedication united eleven strangers into one organic team, motivated to learn and grow. Throughout the quarter, the Class had its fair share of challenges; however, it was the compromise that each individual made that led to the unity and strength of our Pledge Class.

Communication is an essential key for success. There were several instances throughout my time pledging that served as turning points of my progress as a team member. I saw that in order for the team to grow, it was important for us to strive for the same goals. As uncomfortable and difficult it was to confront issues, solving our disagreements was an important aspect that fostered the team’s relationship and productivity.

Nobody likes failing. It’s human nature that we all strive for the best, in hopes of succeeding. But what is success? Is it just another bullet you can add to your resume? Another quarter on the Dean’s Honor List? For me, this quarter I quantified my success by the lessons each of my failures have taught me. Throughout my first quarter of college, I’ve made several cringe-worthy mistakes – in time management, in handling my reactions, and even on a resume I forgot to edit. Nonetheless, I took these failures and processed them as points of growth. Each mistake was a stepping stone for me to develop further, both personally and professionally. While success accelerates us toward our goals, I learned that failure is what steers us toward the most valuable goals possible

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