Fried Chicken, Marketing Conference, and a Complimentary Trip to Atlanta

On October 3rd, I had the opportunity to go back to Atlanta to participate in another three-day business leadership conference. Hosted by the National Sales Network, I alongside 99 other undergraduate and graduate students were invited to compete in a case competition, attend workshops taught by executive level speakers, and interview with hiring companies for full time positions and internships.

Because I was the youngest attendee there, I was very eager to build relationships and learn from some of the top business students and seasoned professionals in the country. Seeing that we all share the same passion for  sales and marketing, I was able to broaden my perspective due to the interactive and stimulating environment the conference had offered. Many of the students were not only motivated to find a career they’re passionate for but also were very excited to help and provide insight on their own professional development with their peers.

Post-marketing pitch meal! The best way to bond is through food – this time it was Harold’s Fried Chicken.

One of my favorite parts of the event was when I had the opportunity to speak with Marshawn Evans, a renowned business mentor, former Miss America beauty queen, and Donald Trump Apprentice. She said, “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking too much space.” This idea of taking risks and pushing myself embodies many of my experiences and motivates me to discover new ideas and pursue more experiences.

As the conference concluded, I was eager to go back to Irvine to apply the new insight I had gained, some of which include sales strategy, personal branding, and digital marketing tips.

*** update: One of the workshops from the conference, Corporate Rules of the Road for Young Men and Women by Michael Dubose, actually inspired my article for TEDxUCIrvine, “Using Social Media to Enhance Your Personal Brand.” As digital platforms continue to inhibit our everyday lives, it’s important to create not only a reputation offline but also online. Tweet @PTenggara to share your thoughts or keep up with my latest updates!


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