New Age Branding Research: The Social Media Leverage

Role: Researcher

New Age Branding: The Social Media Leverage is seven-week exploratory study of social media usage and its effects on growing a business. The study was conducted using online surveys to gage consumer insight, interviews to gain professional knowledge, and case studies to support our observations.  The first goal of the study is to understand how the rapid development of social media has affected the marketing strategies of small businesses. The second goal of the study is to examine how different social platforms cater towards different business niches. Third, we analyzed how business have been able to convert followers into customers. Finally, using the data, research, and interviews, the team hypothesized future use of social media in digital marketing. Check out our website to read our published research! 

After the seven-week project, our team was given the opportunity to present our findings in front of the UC Irvine’s Anthropology department.