Lessons on Launching New Brands

As I’ve come across new projects this month, I’ve realized how challenging and exciting it is to spearhead a rebranding process. One of the most fun parts of freelancing is getting to test my creativity in the ideation-to-execution process. Working with new clients and rebuilding their marketing strategies have given me new perspectives as I’ve been able interact and immerse myself in completely new markets, like naturopathy, life-coaching, and healthcare.

Through these rebranding processes, I’ve learned that…

  • Specifying a goal is one of the most integral starts to the relaunch of a brand. Understanding what my clients want provides a blueprint on where my brainstorming should start. Without identifying a clear goal and purpose, it’s easy to confuse motion with progress as new distractions and ideas come about. In all, it’s important that every new idea and investments reflect the core purpose and goal of the brand.
  • Research is key to a successful rebrand; it’s really important that I understand who the target demographic is, how competitors market themselves and where the industry trends are headed. As I’ve browsed through successful campaigns and seen how other brands have succeeded and failed, I’ve gained a lot of new ideas on potential strategies to relaunch and segment a new brand.
  • Test and iterate, and do it again! Creating new logos, drafting new websites, and copywriting taglines have been some of the hardest and most rewarding parts of my experience. As they’ve pushed my creativity to new heights, I’ve also learned how important it is to draft different copies and provide various options for my clients to browse through; whether it’s creating different structures of website mockups, designing multiple logo drafts, or creating new customized PowerPoint templates, I was able to learn the thought-process of each client and how they view and prefer specific styles of design. With that said, actively iterating drafts has made it much easier to retain consistency in future design ideas, as it’s taught me about the design-characteristics of what each client wants.

All in all, freelancing is definitely a new aspect to my career and has opened my eyes to different perspectives in creating a brand. I’ve learned that there’s never really a right answer; the key to finding the sweet spot is constantly presenting new angles and seeing what resonates most with different people. At times, people may not even know what they want until you show them new possibilities. It’s been an interesting journey so far, and I’m excited to do more client-focused projects as I continue to learn about different aspects and ways to market to new communities.

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