KAϴ Prϴfessional Develϴpment


Role: Professional Development Lead; Outstanding New Initiate (2nd runner-up)

As a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, I’m not only passionate about the Sisterhood but also in encouraging the women in the Chapter to be leaders in the community. One of the ways I have been able to promote leadership, scholarship, and philanthropy is through the KAϴ: Prϴfessional Develϴpment Facebook page I created. The page consists of internship opportunities, resume tips, scholarships, and resources that are meant to encourage professional growth within the Chapter. Upon creation, the page has been actively used daily and has opened new opportunities and perspectives for those interested in expanding their experiences. In addition to creating this page, I have edited several resumes and conducted mock interviews for my sisters. This has been very rewarding because it’s given me the opportunity to embrace two qualities I highly value: personal and professional development. Though I recently initiated, I’m excited to continue contributing to the Chapter as I plan to apply for executive positions in the future.