JPT Tips to Increase Productivity

What is JPT? It stands for “Just Priscilla Things,” an acronym coined by a friend in reference to the “quirks” that make me, me. A huge idea that embodies “JPT”ness is the high value I place on productivity and efficiency. Throughout my time in college, I’ve realized how technology has incredibly transformed the efficiency of my day to day actions. It’s amazing how students can accomplish so much more by doing less. Check out these technology tips to help boost your short term and long term efficiency!

Listen to podcasts and audiobooks
One of the best ways to kill two birds with one stone is listening to podcasts or audiobooks while doing busywork throughout the day. This advice was given to me by one of my mentors when I told him about my lack of productivity during long commutes from San Diego to Irvine last summer. Since then, traffic and endless brakes no longer phase me – on the contrary, I look forward to these long commutes because they give me opportunities to listen to my favorite podcasts.

Listening to audiobooks or podcasts can also be a great way to double your productivity when cleaning around the house. In a Freakanomics radio podcast, Katherine Milkman, an assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania, elaborates on a method called “temptation building,” the idea of tying together two activities: one you should do but may avoid; and one you love to do but isn’t necessarily productive (Dubner). By listening to podcasts or audiobooks while simultaneously cleaning, you’re able to not only cross off to-do list items, but also learn a thing or two about a subject of your choice.

Use social media to take initiative 
A huge part of productivity is completing tasks before you actually need to. Setting time aside to work on future projects will save you the pressure and stress from upcoming deadlines and can benefit you both personally and professionally.

For example, over the last year I’ve conducted LinkedIn informational interviews to develop myself professionally. Last summer, I had many ambitions to work for some of my favorite companies. At the time, I was too young and under-qualified to apply to many summer programs that only sought juniors and seniors. Rather than waiting for next year’s application to open, I did what any other passionate learner would do –  I conducted interviews with people in the industry to learn about their experiences.

I listed over 25 companies I was interested in and reached out to individuals in the marketing industry through LinkedIn. The result? I connected with over 50 professionals and gained insight on their day-to-day responsibilities at the companies I hope to one day work for. This summer project not only broadened my professional perspective, but also developed my social skills as I conversed with new people every week. This method isn’t restricted to only LinkedIn; try it with other social networks and see if you’re able to connect with online influencers about a topic you’re passionate about.

Get creative with Search and travel at little to no cost
One of the best things about being a college student is the flexibility to travel without breaking commitments. With this in mind, I look for opportunities that allow me to visit new places while gaining knowledge from my surroundings. Applying to conferences is one of the best ways to do so because often times the events provide travel stipends and offer multiple learning opportunities. In the past, I’ve been invited to Washington D.C., Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Houston for complimentary business conferences where I’ve learned from seasoned professionals and gained leadership skills, all while exploring and enjoying the new city I was in.  As a college student, keep in mind that we are the next generation, which means plenty of professionals are willing to help and support our interests. All you have to do is ask! So go out there. Be creative and search for the next conference that can help broaden your cultural and professional perspectives.

As you can see, I thrive best in environments where I can constantly learn. I love creating projects for myself and approaching situations in unconventional ways – that’s one of the JPT qualities that makes me, me. I’d love to hear about some of your “Just You Things” that makes you different. Tweet me @PTenggara to share your thoughts, feedback, or questions.

**Written for Scholarship

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