Interviewed by Bad Illumination

Since my freshman year of college, I’ve sent over 250 cold LinkedIn messages to connect with professionals in hopes of learning more about their experiences and professional journeys. From coffee chats to Skype calls, I’ve had some of the most interesting conversations and built some of the most edifying relationships. The crazy part was, they were initially strangers. Although not all 250 strangers replied to my cold messages, the 20-30 that did reply showed me the power of a digital community. Through an online network, I was able to cross paths with people I would not have otherwise. I gained insightful knowledge about companies I wanted to work for, positions I was eager to try and inside knowledge on what it meant to be on the team.

During my time at the University of California, Irvine, I gave several workshops on the power of digital strategies. Whether the event focused on strategies to build an organization’s brand or a personal brand, I spoke to various groups about how a digital communities can catalyze several untapped potentials. Amidst all the professional organisations I was a part of, I met a then-freshman Linette Murillo. Wide-eyed and eager to learn, she spoke to me about her experiences growing a brand and how that led to her interest in digital story telling.

Fast forward a year later, she’s taken her interest and idea and have turned them into reality. Linette currently runs a blog that features various posts that spark conversations in culture, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. I was very honored to be featured on her recent series, “The Vignette.” Check out my interview as I share my perspective on marketing trends, ground-breaking moments in my career and inspirations that keep me motivated.


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