How my first flight alone led to an internship opportunity

On April 17, 2015, I had the opportunity to join 99 other women when I attended the College to Business Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

There was so much to anticipate for the event. One minute, I was booking my flight to Atlanta, and the next, I was arriving at luxurious Georgian Terrace Ballroom, having brunch with business professionals, student leaders, and internship recruiters.

The conference began with an enthusiastic kick-off as Marjie Terry, the Vice President of Client Service and Business Development for Great on the Job, presented her workshop on personal branding. Over the course of her session, we learned how to hone in on four areas of developing our leadership potential: speed networking, establishing a positive executive presence, building our personal brand, and perfecting our elevator pitch.

Shortly afterwards, I was introduced to the business simulation competition, organized by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where attendees were grouped in teams of 6 to manage a fictitious online business. During this collaborative session, we were challenged to employ corporate strategy in order to reach key objectives such as revenue growth, innovation, cost control, talent development, and shareholder value creation.

With limited time to learn the ropes of the situation we were tasked with, utilizing strong teamwork was imperative to succeed and the guidance we received from a Bank of America Merrill Lynch representative proved invaluable. Despite the compressed nature of the competition, the simulation left a lasting impact on my perception of teamwork.

This simulation reminded me that with every decision in business, intentional or unintentional, comes a consequence. Furthermore, I was able to improve on my critical thinking and analytical skills while working in an interactive environment.

Concluding the Conference was the Career Fair, where students were able to reach out on a more personal level with the professionals present at the event. After getting familiar with some of the company representatives over the course of the day, the Career Fair provided the perfect segue to solidifying the relationships that were formed, while conversing about potential internship opportunities.

What I enjoyed most about the College to Businesses Conference was how the event allowed students to apply the knowledge they were given from the leadership workshops to the real-world setting of the Career Fair.

Team 6: Post Business Simulation Photo

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