Eclectic Wear

Role: Founder and CEO
(November 2012 – May 2014)

In efforts of promoting environmental conservation, I established Eclectic Wear, an independent, online boutique that combines various styles by upcycling secondhand materials into modern articles of clothing.

This experience was the catalyst for my interest in business. During my time creating this project, I was able to channel my entrepreneurial spirit and test out ideas in real-world markets. As a fashion enthusiast, I kept up with various fashion sites and would notice a common emergence in vintage styles. Far before high-waisted shorts and acid-wash denim came to common retailers, I picked up the trend and invested $100 dollars in thrifted materials. Two years later, the investment multiplied over 100% in profit and that was when I knew I had found my passion.

Marketing and branding is key to growing any business. My experience with Eclectic Wear taught me that sometimes it’s not really about what you sell but how you sell. Not only did I learn to make strategic branding decisions in a marketing aspect but I also saw the importance of customer relations. Customer service is not about make a sale but building a relationship. Our social channels were always quick to respond with comments or concerns, and often time would interact with the customers online to make sure they were satisfied with their purchases.

In short, Eclectic Wear laid the foundation to my interest in business and showed that passion lies in using my creativity to create growth.