3 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Using “The Grid”

Instagram is undeniably one of my favorite and most used application on my phone (click here to check out my account!). It’s amazing how it allows users to not only share their perspectives with millions around the world, but also inspires creativity amongst a community of visual artists. My love for the app doesn’t just start and end in sharing my photos, but continues with my passion for visual aesthetics. I think there is something captivating when users think beyond the “square” and create flow within their entire Instagram grid.

Crafting a visually engaging grid comes in many ways; there is no “right” way because, after all, creativity is subjective and expresses individual perspectives. However, I do believe there are unique ways in which popular Instagramers have drawn their audiences through unique styles of grid flow. So below, I have listed 3 tips to enhance your grid and create a captivating first-impression.

  1. Strategically post to make your message stand out

Utilize each square to create a bigger message that is reflected beyond only one image. Z Supply shows this concept by creating a pattern in their grid which allows users to instantly see the message the business is trying to promote. In an age where tech-users prefer more content in less time, posting according to the grid draws users in rather than advertising through an interruptive, spam-like approach.



Another example that shows a pattern-like grid post is seen through how TEDxUCirvine introduced its team. It featured each team member in a Brady-Bunch style photo creating an overall cohesive collection.



More examples of creative grids:


  1. Create mood with color 

The color of your profile “feed” makes a huge difference in the tone and personality portrayed through your Instagram. Colors impact your photographs because of the contrast made by the cooler and warmer tones. The warm colors of the spectrum (red, orange, and yellow) evoke a sense of happiness, optimism and excitement. On the other hand, blue, purple and green are cool colors that create feelings of tranquility, peace, and calm. Look at the different grids below to see the emotions emitted in each account. 

FullSizeRender (12)

FullSizeRender (13)

FullSizeRender (14)


  1. Play around with different angles

How many times have you seen Millennials stand on chairs to get the perfect coffee photograph? Yes, it’s silly but taking photos from different vantage points can really enhance certain subjects when placing them in a 3 by 3 grid. Shown by @asenseofhuber, his clever use of perspectives allows each photo to stand out, drawing users to each photo without clicking on individuals posts. These different vantage points make for an interesting composition and often times create fresh perspectives.


Another clever take on perspectives is examplified in many of the pieces made by @smcmennamy, where he places two commonplace objects alongside another to create an artistic statement. In an interview, Stephen McMennamy comments, “I like the double takes… It’s about the subtlety; it’s about people looking at it and not getting it on the first glance…”


More examples of creative grids:

Now that you’ve gained a fresh perspective on posting on Instagram, go out there and let your imaginations run! Tweet @PTenggara if you’d like to share your thoughts or found new ways to boost “The Grid.”

***Header photo taken by Sam Fan

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