10 Lessons College Has Taught Me

College felt like 4 years of clichés coming to life.

  1. If I want something, I have to really go out and get it myself. No excuses.
  2. Pushing through uncomfortable moments reaps, trust me.
  3. The world is smaller than I thought, especially when I started traveling and making friends around the world.
  4. Falling outs unfortunately happen; but I’ve realized people come, go and (the true ones) come back, so wait for it.
  5. Career titles and prestigious roles aren’t as satisfying as my freshman-year-me thought it would be.
  6. Working to live makes me happier than living to work.
  7. Leave time for hobbies and pursue it.
  8. New ideas stem from befriending very different people, dating all sorts of types and trying things you thought you would never do.
  9. Establishing a global presence is something I really value and I look forward to working outside of the U.S.
  10. Being in a rut is a choice; interesting things happen to those that pursue it.

With that said, my college career has transformed me into a person I never fathomed of being. Within these past 4 years I was able to:

–  live in 7 new cities (Berlin, Hong Kong, Madrid, Rome, Irvine, Austin and Chicago).
– earn over $15,000 of scholarship dedicated to learning about new cultures (literally got paid to travel the world in addition to financial aid money).
– professionally grow myself through projects at Facebook, Dell, Adobe, TEDxUCIrvine, Factory Berlin, Bank of America, Bloomberg, Billabong and even began freelancing.
– find what makes me tick and relentlessly pursue goals, even the unconventional ones.

I think grateful would be an understatement of my overall thoughts on these past four years. It wouldn’t be the same without the the support of my parents, mentors and friends, so a huge thank you to them.

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