my name is Priscilla.

new ideas fascinate me,

creative projects excite me.

As a first-generation, Chinese-Indonesian American, I am inspired by my multicultural background to combine my fascination for global market trends and digital interactions. 

My studies in Economics and Sociology cultivate my interest in marketing, where I aim to intersect data and cultural nuances to grow brands internationally. 

With 4+ years of marketing experiences, I’ve worked with search engine optimization, digital advertising, social media strategies, content creation, inbound and outbound marketing campaigns and graphic design. Side projects also motivate me to branch out and collaborate with new teams, check out some of my past projects.

All in all, I love testing new ideas. Whether it’s trying the latest Asian cooking recipe, brainstorming new apps for a hackathon or relocating to a new city, I’m driven by the excitement of challenges and novelty.

Fun fact: I’ve lived in 7 countries and am excited to grow the list.